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TJ Herbs

TJHerbs, a premium herbal granule extracts supplier in the United States. TJHerbs earned a high reputation for providing premium-quality, pharmaceutical-grade herbal granule extracts, outstanding customer service, and expertise in the field of Chinese herbology.

Concentrated herbal granules of TCM are manufactured by the top leader in TCM industry in implementing the highest quality of herbal products  established in 1992. Currently, TJherbs is offering over 700 types of single herb, and over 100 types of formula herb. TJHerbs aims to promote Chinese traditional herb for a healthier lifestyle and elevate standards of living by distributing the safest and finest quality products.

Set Industry Standard

TJherb's manufacturer is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in China. TJherb's manufacturer is largest manufacturer of TCM formula particle and the only enterprise specializing in formula particles in China. TJherb's manufacturer set up the industry standard of concentrated herbal granules, and its products cover almost 90% of the TCM Market in China, and also expand to more than 30 countries in the world.

TJherb's manufacturer has earned the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in China. It was the first company to process concentrated herbal products and assigned a production base of concentrated herbs by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also the State Drug Administration in P.R. China. TJherb's manufacturer's highly advanced technologies are utilized in the concentration, extraction, separation,and formation of their varied herbal products while modern precision equipment monitor and test quality throughout the manufacturing process.

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