Product Features

TCM formula particles, also called “non-decocted Chinese herb”, are concentrated granules formed after preparing and decocting single herbs in a scientific way. Currently, there are a total of over 700 types of single herbs. They have the advantage of TCM decocting pieces which can be used according to prescription formulation and compatibility. In addition they need not be decocted and can be taken instantly. 

Our Only Type of Product is TCM Formula Particles

TCM formula particles have all the characteristics of TCM decocting pieces, can meet the requirements for physicians’ treatment based on syndrome differentiation and modification according to symptoms, and features high efficacy. It need not be no decocted, can be taken directly, features small dosage, quick effect, full ingredient and obvious curative effect, and is easy to carry, keep and prepare and suitable for industrial production.

TCM Formula Particles Develop very Fast in Foreign Countries

TCM formula particles develop very fast in US, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions in recent years. Among them, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong can not also meet the demand of the local areas but also export a lot.

Characteristics of TCM Formula Particles:

●  Maintain the characteristics of giving TCM treatment according to syndrome differentiation, make prescription according to signs, and avoid decoction
The quality is controllable to ensure the efficacy
The dosage is accurate, clean and hygienic.
Able to be taken immediately after being mixed with water and easy for emergency drug use
Easy to carry and take and suitable for the pace of life of modern people
Easy for transportation and storage and free from worm damage and mildew and able to save warehouse space
Favorable for the normalization, standardization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine.

Application Range of TCM Formula Particles:

Can be used by each clinical doctor of TCM for prescription
Suitable for oral administration, external washing, clysis, external application, etc
Idealas the raw material in forms such as capsule, tablet and pill
Used for medical care, nourishing and dietary therapy, slimming, etc
Appropriate for use in cream formulas simply and conveniently with stable quality
Perfect for clinical research to ensure standardized and uniform drug use.